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Welcome!  If you encounter anything profound here it is entirely fortuitous.  I use this site as a place to post nonsense for family & friends.  Check Ya Don't Say for (semi-)current musings and Faux Toes for pictures documenting what some might label my life.  A life well lived (or not) I leave to you...

I had to take down my e-mail address because of spam.  Sorry!  Over the years I have had several e-mail addresses rendered useless because they were so flooded with unsolicited commercial e-mail that the servers overflowed.  Even with the best spam filters I still get hundreds of unsolicited e-mail messages every day.  If you found this web site and want to get in touch with me, try FaceBook.
NOTICE TO BULK E-MAILERS: Pursuant to U.S. Code, Title 47, Ch. 5, Subch. II, para. 227, any and all unsolicited commercial e-mail sent to this address will be subject to a down-load and archival fee of $500.00 U.S. E-mailing denotes the acceptance of these terms.  For information about how to get junk mail, e-mail, and telemarketers out of your life, visit the Junk Busters web site.
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