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I have the good fortune to be blessed with a great family too!

Enjoying David and Laura's wedding.  Miss you dad...
Four Cool Brothers: Jeff, Jim, David, and Kevin
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Can't wait to get away from the "metro-mess"
Hey!  It looks like I am the only MacDonald
boy that does NOT have a goatee.  Go figure!
Brother Jim Brother David Brother Kevin
Jim Mac
The serious one, trying to look serious but failing.
David Mac
Short hair, broken foot and all.  But the bike is okay...
(Sorry girls - he's married!)
Kevin Mac
Yes, he looks this way all the time.  In need a haircut.
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Dad & Carol's Wedding, 1980.  L- R: David, Kevin, Jim, Carol, Dick, Jeff, John
(Pre-JMAC).  Dad and I were the only ones that owned neckties.  (BTW, anyone that comments
on how skinny I was is itchin' for a fight!  I was a mere slip of a lad of 24 then.)