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I confess: I love pinups.  Not the sleazy sort found in magazines today but the ones that were popular in the 40's and 50's. Nothing graphic, just cheesecake.  Many a boy's father had a girlie magazine or two stashed away somewhere.  My dad didn't but I still managed to find copies.

Here are a few I have scavenged from around the internet.  I have included links to some but finding them is a big part of the fun so try Google and let me know if you find anything really cool!

When you see them, please buy the books, postcards, calendars, etc.  If publishers are selling them they will keep these glorious images in high quality print.

There are a lot of images on this page so it may load slowly.  I shrunk & compressed them as much as I could without ruining the image quality.

Bettie Page
Queen of the
50's Pinups!

No nudity here, just 40's & 50's cheesecake!

Gil Elvgren (my favorite)

Earl Moran

Peter Driben

Earl MacPherson

Pearl Frush

Driben did girlie magazine covers too (more later)

Rolf Armstrong

Unknown Artist (Playing Cards)

Naughty Postcards

Girlie magazines certainly have changed over the years
Ever find any of these in your dad's or granddad's garage?
The cover was usually the best part of the magazine
Some of these magazines are valuable today

Last, but not least, Marilyn.  Sweet dreams pretty lady.


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Ladies: Wondering "Where's The Beef?"  Sorry, I'm not that kind of guy.  I absolutely support every woman's right to enjoy beefcake photos, especially if they are tastefully done.  But you won't find any here.  Sorry!  Search Google on "Beefcake" and you will find all you want and more.  Here's a link to get you started...