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I should be embarrassed that I update this web site so infrequently.  But I'm not!  I eventually get around to adding new stuff and here is some of it.  Check my FaceBook page for more current information.
Click to see full size image 2011 wasn't too bad.  I got to play Rockabilly about once a month with the Texas Bop Cats and got to play acoustic Blues several times on stage and with friends.  Summer was brutal!  North Texas set a new record for the number of days at 100 or more and just missed breaking the record for consecutive 100+ days.  Started my 25th year DJing at KNON 89.3 FM.  Janell bought a Harley and we rode to Austin for the ROT Rally and through Oklahoma and western Arkansas along the Talemina Trail.    Camped on the beach in Galveston for the Lone Star Rally in October.  Had a nice visit to SoCal to see the Family over Thanksgiving.  Not bad at all.  I'm hoping that 2012 turns out even better.

Winter is making sure that 2010 is remembered.  In a 24-hour period that ended at 4:00 AM on February 12th, more snow fell on North Texas than has ever been measured before.  The official total (at DFW Airport) was over 12" and the deepest I measured at my home was around 9".  There hasn't been a Winter with this much snow in more than 50 years.  The weather folks say that if we get about an inch more before Spring this will be the snowiest Winter on record.  There has been record snowfall across the South and Eastern Seaboard this year.  So where the heck is that Global Warming stuff when you need it?  (Compare to March 2008) Click for more photos of proof of Global Warming

The 11th annual KNON Blues Festival on January 30th and 31st was excellent.  The line up was stellar and we had large crowds both days.  Food was provided by event sponsor Red Hot & Blue BBQ and the staff at Poor David's Pub was great.  I had a great time!  Many thanks to the many musicians that shared their talent, the sponsors and staff at Poor David's, and, most of all, to the KNON 89.3 FM listeners that made the event a success.  Let's do it again next year!

The Texas Bop Cats played at the KNON 89.3 FM Rockabilly Revue benefit backing Mac Curtis on November 22nd, 2008.  Franchot, our bass player, also plays with the opening band Walkin' The Line so he was on stage all night.  Walkin' The Line is a Johnny Cash Tribute band and they did a great job.  KNON's Cowhide Cole joined us on stage at the end of our set for a couple of songs and then out came Mac Curtis.  We've worked with Mac several times before and always enjoy making music with him.  Mac is a great guy and a lot of fun on stage.  That was a busy week!  Poor David's on 11/22, my KNON show on 11/24, Blue Lisa's Thanksgiving show on 11/27, and the Texas Bop Cats back at Stroker's Ice House on 11/29.  I needed a vacation after that!

Caddoween was excellent.  The weather couldn't have been nicer and it is always fun to get together with my crazy friends for a wild weekend on the Texas Bayou.  T-Ricky found a great place just outside of Jefferson.  The people, the music, the food, and everything else was great.  And only one canoe tipped over.  At night, of course.  A camera was lost to the Caddo gators but, remarkably, all the dropped cell phones were recovered and worked once they dried out.  Ain't technology amazing?  A change of clothes and a bit of strong drink made the world right again.  All agreed this was the best Caddoween ever.  Until next year anyway...

I was asked by my good friend Huelyn Duvall to play at the Wild West Festival in Springtown in September.  I always enjoy working with Huelyn and it was a treat to get to play with Chris (bass), Scott (drums), and Kyle (keyboard) again.  (We backed Huelyn on his 2003 CD titled "She's My Baby" on Brazos Valley Records.)  The weather was fine, the crowd was good and except for the occasional gunfight in the town square (old west actors thankfully) the music was rockin'.  This is the second time we have played the Springtown Wild West Festival and it was once again a great time.  Springtown is a small town northwest of Fort Worth and the local people are great. (click to enlarge photo)

Texas Slim and I were asked to play at the Blind Lemon Blues Festival again in 2008.  Very kind of Sandy to ask and what a great lineup to be a part of: Aaron Burton and Hash Brown, Samuel James, and Paul Geremia for a truly excellent night of acoustic blues.  The show was at Poor David's Pub which is an excellent room for acoustic music.  Carlos, the sound engineer at Poor David's, is great to work with and has a way of making everyone sound good.  I had never seen Samuel James before and he knocked me out!  I got to interview Paul Geremia for Southwest Blues (Sep '08 Issue) and it was great to finally meet him and hear him play.  Paul is legendary for good reason.  I hope we can do this again!

Janell and I spent Memorial Day Weekend 2008 at the Kerrville Folk Festival.  It was purty dang hot that weekend but there wasn't one drop of rain.  I've been attending the KFF since about 1992 and this is the first year I have ever attended when there was no rain.  None.  At all.  Not even a fog or a mist.  The last time I went to the KFF there were floods and it rained every day.  Shows were cancelled because of lightning.  But no rain this year worked out well because I brought the bike and we were able to explore the beautiful Hill Country on two wheels.  Yes, I trailered the bike.  See all that camping gear behind us in the picture?  It wasn't bungeed on the back of the bike.  I'm okay camping but I'm not willing to give up all the comforts of home.  Besides, it's Kerrville.  I had to bring a guitar.  Two guitars.  And a banjo.  And a ukulele...  Kerrville Folk Festival 2008

I celebrated my 21st anniversary on KNON 89.3 FM on August 11, 2008.  I first appeared on KNON (then at 90.1 FM) in June 1987 as a guest on Marc Tuton's program "Marc's Hot Licks."  A month later a slot opened and I auditioned.  I started in an 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM slot and have been on Mondays ever since.  Thankfully my show is now on from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Central Time.  I called the show "Red Hot & Blue" until we started the Texas Blues Radio block a few years ago.  I love being involved in radio and will DJ on KNON as long as they let me.

The weather was perfect for the Lone Star Rally in Galveston in November 2007.  We rode down from Denton and spent the weekend partying on the Strand with bikers from all over.  Lots of time to ride along the Gulf too.  Important lesson learned: buy your commemorative T-Shirt immediately when you arrive.  Before checking into the hotel if possible.  Otherwise you can spend hours looking for the right size.  More photos here. (click here for more Lone Star Rally photos)

Bob Brozman The Blind Lemon Blues Festival at Poor David's Pub was a lot of fun.  K.M. Williams opened the show with a set that included several Blind Lemon songs.  Texas Slim and I had too much fun during our set.  We did some classic pre-war blues including several Bo Carter and Hokum Boys tunes.  Aaron Burton & Cheryl Arena were great, as always.  They keep getting better every time I hear them.  Bob Brozman was the highlight of the evening.  It was his first show in Dallas in about 15 years and it was a show that will not soon be forgotten.  Bob is my #1 living guitar hero and he didn't disappoint.  He has incorporated sounds and rhythms from all over the world and his playing is incomparable now.  Friends at the show that had never heard of Bob were blown away by his performance.  Told you so!  It was great catching up with Bob and with Marc Tuton (the guy that got me on KNON) and other friends.  It was a great show.  More photos here.

Musical actives are starting to pick up again.  I recently did a show in Springtown with Huelyn Duvall and a bunch of great musicians.  Bob Brozman has been booked to play the Blind Lemon Blues Festival in September and I've been asked to play with Texas Slim on the same bill.  I even picked up a couple of new guitars that I am really enjoying.  (As if I needed more stringed instruments!)  No desire to "go pro" or tour the world but I love playing on stage.  I play mainly for myself but it's fun to rock a live crowd now and then. JMAC - May 2007

click for the full size image Now that I've been to Scotland twice I am getting into the kilt thing.  This has raised an eyebrow but people who know me aren't worried.  Wearing a kilt isn't a gateway to cross dressing for lads of Scottish ancestry.  I only break mine out on special occasions.  And, despite the photo, I don't wear one riding a motorbike (although I have).  Most Scots wear kilts on formal occasions but young people in Scotland wear them casually to dances and football games.  The plaid is the MacDonald modern tartan.

Wondering what I wear under my kilt?  Here's what I say when people ask:

  1. Shoes and socks
  2. Lipstick
  3. For $1 I'll tell you, for $5 I'll show you, and for $10 I'll let you find out for yourself

Need up-to-date local blues information?  Visit Don O's web site for EVERYTHING cool on the local blues scene.  He lists all the shows, clubs, jams, music stores, contacts for local musicians, and more.  The site ain't fancy but there is a lot of information.  Not sure which show to see?  You will never go wrong with Don O's weekly picks.
That's all for now.  Go out and enjoy life.  You only get one chance so don't f*** it up!

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