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Why do I make you type
my e-mail address?

Unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) or "spam" is a real problem and the bogus text helps keep my address off junk mail lists.  All e-mail programs I have seen will allow you to enter or edit an e-mail address.  To send me mail type "jmacbops" followed by the "@" sign followed by "yahoo" then a period then "com" in the address field.  It's easy if you say "jmacbops at yahoo dot com" out loud as you type.

Because I am a webmaster and have e-mail addresses posted, I receive more than 1,000 junk e-mail messages every day.  The daily batch of garbage includes dozens of virus infected messages.  (If you don't have anti-virus software, stop reading this and download some THIS INSTANT!)  Spammers use robots ("webbots" or "bots") to harvest e-mail addresses from the HTML code in web pages.  My spoofed e-mail address is to fool the robots.

Spam wastes a lot of the internet.  Spam accounts for more than half of all e-mail.  Who is paying for all that spam?  YOU ARE!  We all are.  Spammers pay a little and we all pay the rest.  And if the quantity alone wasn't enough, what about the content?  I don't know about you but I am sick of being bombarded with ads for herbal viagra, Nigerians eager to shower me with money, and graphic pornography.

Here is how you can help:

  • PLEASE VISIT CAUCE, JUNKBUSTERS, OR OTHER SITES DEDICATED TO ENDING SPAM AND SUPPORT THEM.  See my links page for links to groups that can help you help end spam.
  • NEVER EVER buy anything advertised in spam.  Spammers keep flooding the internet with spam because there are still people stupid enough to believe it.  If most everyone stops responding to spam messages it will become commercially unviable.  Spam exists because it works on a few dim bulbs.
  • Use filters and client software that deletes spam.  Use a spam blocking service like My Privacy Policy.
  • NEVER respond to a spam message, even to ask them to remove your address.  They won't - that is a trick to validate your address.  Telling a spammer to remove your address will result in more spam sent to you.

Spammers flood the internet with junk mail because it works.  Only when it costs more than it brings in will spam go away.  Please do everything you can to help that day arrive sooner.

The Federal CAN-SPAM act went into effect on January 1, 2004.  Are you receiving any less spam than before?  Didn't think so.  Me neither.  According to ClickZ and others that measure Internet usage, the amount of spam has increased since the CAN-SPAM act became law about a year ago.

The CAN-SPAM act is a nice idea but all it does is give politicians a warm and fuzzy "See?  I did something for you!" lie to tell.  Like most of Washington's antics, it accomplishes nothing useful.  I'm afraid we will have to kill spam on the client side.  Yahoo added some nice anti-spam features such as blocking the embedded HTML graphics that spammers use to validate your e-mail address.  Your ISP may have anti-spam services too.  Sign up and use these features.

If you want to be entirely spam free, try using a whitelist.  A whitelist only allows mail from senders on your "okay" list to get through.  Some whitelist apps give you the option of receiving email from unknown senders (in a separate folder) and others allow you to delete it.

Get the software, use the services, and NEVER buy anything or patronize a company that is advertised in spam.  Spammers will not stop until sending UCE is a waste of their money.

NOTICE TO BULK E-MAILERS: Pursuant to U.S. Code, Title 47, Ch. 5, Subch. II, para. 227, any and all unsolicited commercial e-mail sent to this address will be subject to a down-load and archival fee of $500.00 U.S. E-mailing denotes the acceptance of these terms.  For information about how to get junk mail, e-mail, and telemarketers out of your life, visit the Junk Busters web site.
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